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Why plan in spreadsheets, then copy & paste to get the job done? With SlidesUp, plan and communicate faster with your team. You’ll get more time to create a great experience.
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Save boatloads of time

Because SlidesUp is your single-source of truth, you can plan and publish from the same tool. Most people save at least 60% of their time just by switching.

“With only 1 month left till our team offsite, we switched the event from in-person to completely virtual. I don't think I would've survived without SlidesUp.”

Sarah Doss
Program Manager, Pluralsight
Fun fact: Sarah remembers everyone's name at Pluralsight.
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Make it virtual

One-click Zoom integration or bring your favorite streaming platform to play.

Map out the day

Structure your content for the day, like keynotes and breakouts. Let SlidesUp draw it for you visually. Automatically. Just like Google Calendar.

Promote who's speaking

Manage your speakers in one place. Getting your community excited has never been easier. Just hit publish. And you're done.

Communicate with attendees quickly

Use the dashboard to make important announcements before, during, and after the event. Build the hype. Link to your survey. What will you use it for?

Publish everywhere, blazing fast

Embeds for your site. A web app that looks great on any device. And changes get pushed to your attendees in real time.

Build on top of SlidesUp

Use our API to create custom experiences. Power your website, app, digital displays, surfboard – ok may not your surfboard. Anything you can dream of.

What are you planning?

Team Offsites


Sales Kickoff Meetings

Something else?

“I am personally excited about SlidesUp. It is super convenient! With the platform, anyone could have little to no experience at planning a large-scale event.”

Domonique Fines
Director of Engagement, All Raise
Former Head of Events, Y Combinator
Flashback: Dom gave us feedback on a new feature in the middle of Demo Day prep 2017, even though she normally doesn't talk to friends during crunch time. #forevergrateful

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