Create great experiences
in zen mode

Creating great experiences takes a lot of effort. But often, we don’t have the resources or time. Fighting to get the basics done, with no energy left, we give up on our best ideas. Often, that’s just 20% short of creating great experiences.

For that reason, we want to make it easy to host events with simple, powerful tools at SlidesUp. There’s a new wave of tools that makes modern work blazing fast, delightful, and intelligent. Gone are the days of fighting with multiple tools. Gone are the days of wasting time moving data from one place to another. We see SlidesUp as an integral part of the #FutureOfWork movement for People Ops, L&D, Event teams, and more.

We’re on a quest to build a tool that is the single-source of truth for your event and allows you to communicate quickly with anyone. Let’s get you to zen mode.

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